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Application Development

  Web/ Mobile Application Development Services

Our web application development and custom software development services include everything from a simple content web site application to the most complex web-based internet applications, electronic business applications, and social network services. We provide custom web application development services, including website design and development, software consulting, application integration, and application maintenance services. With our experienced web application developers, you will have no limitations and you will be able to:

  • Save employee time and effort while you save money
  • Manage content easily
  • Offer interactivity and communication to your users
  • Custom Web Application Development
Software Development Services

Our custom software development services offer consulting, delivery expertise and custom tool development in order to drive innovation, improve your business efficiency and reduce manual work costs. We use all cutting-edge technologies and our extensive expertise to provide quality custom software design, development, consulting, installation and maintenance services. Whenever your company needs a solution that will automate the routine work of the employees, store data and information, provide comprehensive work flows and increase the quality of your business and services - feel free to contact us for our custom software and tool development services.

  • Business Process Automation Software Development.
  • ERP Software Development.
  • CRM Software Development.
  • Financial and Accounting Software Development.
  • Inventory and Asset Management Software Development.
  • Document Management Software Development.
  • Media Content Management Solutions Development.
  • Custom Software Development.
  • Financial and Accounting Software Development.


Consulting Services

  Our IT Department is Completely at Your Service.

You understand the value of outsourcing to a top-tier IT professional services consulting company. That's why you've come to TechConnect. Now scale even greater heights of IT effectiveness by allowing our team to:

  • Help you address more complex IT challenges than can be met by our standard managed service offerings
  • We help clients analyze and choose hardware, software and tools needed to deliver a system that meets their business objectives.
  • We offer development services over the common technology areas, including but not limited to client/server, object oriented, web based and web API's
  • Provide seamless pre-sales, post-sales, and implementation support to flawlessly drive consulting engagements from beginning to end
  • Act as a trusted advisor for everything from on-premises to cloud migration
  • Say "yes" to requests for help with any IT challenge you face


Cloud Services

  Cloud support services especially IaaS and PaaS

The cloud provides options for approach, sourcing, and control. It delivers a well-defined set of services, which are perceived by the customers to have infinite capacity, continuous availability, increased agility, and improved cost efficiency. To achieve these attributes in their customers' minds, IT must shift its traditional server-centric approach to a service centric approach. This implies that IT must go from deploying applications in silos with minimal leverage across environments to delivering applications on pre-determined standardized platforms with mutually agreed service levels. A hybrid strategy that uses several cloud options at the same time will become a norm as organizations choose a mix of various cloud models to meet their specific needs.

  • IaaS
    (IaaS) is one of the three fundamental service models of cloud computing alongside Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). As with all cloud computing services it provides access to computing resource in a virtualised environment, "the Cloud", across a public connection, usually the internet. In the case of IaaS the computing resource provided is specifically that of virtualised hardware, in other words, computing infrastructure.

  • PaaS
    Platform as a Service, often simply referred to as PaaS, is a category of cloud computing that provides a platform and environment to allow developers to build applications and services over the internet. PaaS services are hosted in the cloud and accessed by users simply via their web browser.

Application Maintenance

  Support and Maintenance do not have to mean compromise in technical excellence and thought leadership.

With a dedicated Support & Maintenance department, TECHCONNECT has significant and direct experience in the support and maintenance of complex applications, platforms, and solutions - both 3rd party and those developed by TECHCONNECT.

Our experience has taught us that, to be successful, a support program must:

  • Maintain a well-balanced team of talented and experienced engineers who are professional, easy to work with and strong communicators
  • Utilize a comprehensive set of tools covering all stages of application support and maintenance, configured and integrated with our clients' tools
  • Follow reliable processes, policies and procedures so that resources can be added smoothly, requests, incidents, and tasks can all be performed and tracked closely, and key metrics/SLAs can be continuously monitored and refined
Throughout the entire application life-cycle we provide a range of services including:
  • Application Assessment and Audit (Architecture, Design, Performance)
  • Application Support: Incident Investigation, Troubleshooting, and Management
  • Application Maintenance: Problem Management and Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Application Enhancement: Request for Change (RFC) Implementations, Functional Uplift
  • Release and Deployment Management integrated with Application Systems Management, Development and QA services
  • Preventive and Proactive Maintenance and Support
  • Application Transition and Consulting Services
  • Application Maintenance: Problem Management and Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

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